Fun Math Class       

What is Fun Math? What needs to bring to the class?

We all know that math can sometimes be a little Too much of a challenge. Fun Math is about math, puzzles, games and fun. It helps kids build up an interest in Math.

A notebook, a ruler, a pencil, an eraser, and a folder. 


The Objectives of this class Expectations from your child/children

Math can be fun! The objective of this class is to demonstrate how fun and entertaining math can be. The class is for 1st and 2nd grade students. Many fun math activities such as math puzzles and games, are designed for kids in this class, and they will be learning math and enjoying it too! Through these activities, students can master the basic math concepts and skills such as numbers, place value, the relationship of numbers (Pattern), equation, the basic calculation (+,-,x and a little division), and unknown numbers/variables (Algebra); students can also learn how to identify different geometrical shapes and create images( Using Tangrams ).

Participation in all math activities is a key for kids to enjoy the fun of math.



Textbook for this class
  • Spectrum Math (Grade 3)  Published by McGraw Hill

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What the parents can do to help with this class?

Any comments/suggestions fro the parents are always appreciated. You are welcome to email the teacher.




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