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Registration Information

     We are currently accepting new application for 2021-2022 school year.  Please download and complete the Registration Form.  

     Every Sunday, from September 12 to ending December 5, excluding the Sunday of Thanksgiving (November 28) during the period, 12 classes will be held in total.
2 pm to 3:50 pm:Chinese online classes.
4 pm to 4:50 pm:optional arts and math classes

     Tuition will remain the same as before. It is $140 per student for Chinese classes and $75 for arts and math classes, plus a $10 registration fee for the semester. Please note that all payments are final; we will not accept refund requests.

     Textbooks and workbooks to be used will be freely downloadable from the 中文 at no charge.

      Please be sure to fill in your child's Chinese school grade level in the registration form. After receiving all valid registrations, we will make overall arrangements for class assignment based on demand.

     Please note that during the pandemic, only checks, no cash, will be accepted. Please make a check payable to "The Mandarin Chinese School" or "MCS", totaling $150 or $225 for each student and mail, along with the completed and signed registration form, to:
The Mandarin Chinese School
P.O. Box 122003
Arlington, TX 76012

     The registration deadline is August 28, 2021 (postmark date), after 8/28/2021, the registration fee will be $20.

      Please note that all payments are final; we will not accept refund requests.

      In addition, we are accepting new students from Class K and a limited number of transfer students for the remaining grade levels. Please help inform interested parents and students in your social circles of our expanded capacity.

     There are eleven Chinese classes (from a preparation class to 10th grade), five  levels of math classes (Fun Math, Challenge Math, Olympiad Math, and SAT Math), VEX, and Drawing classes. If you are not sure into which class your kids will fit, consult the school principals. Your kids may be a visitor in a class for the first time to see if he/she fits the curriculum.  Please see Ms. Ting Bai at MCS  for details, or you can email us with your questions.  If you want to know more about classes and teachers, please enter classrooms.

     Textbooks are needed for all Chinese classes. Other classes such as Drawing may have special requirements for materials. Ask your teacher for more specific information. You can find Chinese exercise references in our  library.




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