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Registration Information

     We are currently accepting new application for 2018-2019 school year.  Please download and complete the Application Form, and e-mail to Once accepted, you can then register during registration period (last two weeks of the semester).  

     Starting from Fall 2018, MCS offers two tracks for kindergarten students: one track is Heritage Chinese track, which requires parents and students dialogue in Chinese for homework; another track is for non-Chinese heritage families.

     The non-heritage Chinese class will be emphasizing dialogue Chinese and Chinese culture introduction, from 3 to 5PM. If students excel at this class, they will be offer an assessment test to determine if they could be promoted to heritage Chinese class next school year.

     Currently we are full in our lower grade Chinese classes, but are still accepting new students for higher grade.

     Continuing students must register before the school ends in order to secure a place in the class.

     This rule is to help us to deal with the ever growing number of new students. As you all know, the Chinese class number and size are limited by the class rooms we have in ACC. In order for us to take in as many new students as possible, we need to have all continuing students registered as soon as possible, so we know what and how many vacancies each class can have for the new.

      For continuing students, if s/he registers in the last two school days (April 22 and 29, 2018), his/her place is guaranteed and the registration fee will be $10. If s/he registers after the new semester begins, his/her will be treated the same as the new comers - First in, first admitted. The registration fee for new students is $20. Registration will continue during first two weeks of Fall semester. A late fee of $100 will apply after registration closes. .

      Due to the rising costs for school classrooms and insurance, the school board has decided a minimal amount of raise in the tuition for the next school year. Starting from the new semester, the tuition for Chinese class will be $140 and for Art/Science $70.

     There are eleven Chinese classes (from a preparation class to 10th grade), five  levels of math classes (Fun Math, Challenge Math, Olympiad Math, and SAT Math), VEX, and Drawing classes. If you are not sure into which class your kids will fit, consult the school principals. Your kids may be a visitor in a class for the first time to see if he/she fits the curriculum.  Please see Ms. Ting Bai at MCS  for details, or you can email us with your questions.  If you want to know more about classes and teachers, please enter classrooms.

     Textbooks are needed for all Chinese classes. Other classes such as Drawing may have special requirements for materials. Ask your teacher for more specific information. You can find Chinese exercise references in our  library.




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