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2019 Fall Parent Meeting

Parent meeting/open house is scheduled for Sunday 9/15/2019 at 2PM.

2PM, ACC fellowship Hall

1.     Introduction of board members and school staff. Overview of academic programs – Su Jianzhong, Principal

2.     Call for volunteers and fund raising, – Fengying Yang, Chair of Board

3.     Fall picnic on Oct 6, – Lu Xiaolei, PTA president

4.     Community service scholarship, – Bai Ting, assistant Principal

5.     Art/Math class teachers’ remarks – All art and math teachers

2:30-2:50PM, Classroom:  

Chinese class teachers of each grade will have 15-20 minute meeting with parents

3:00-3:25PM, ACC fellowship Hall:

Seminar about college application

Sammy Yang, Sr. Consultant HR Technology, Event Lead of Aspire Mentoring Academy, AT&T Services, Inc., and other panelists

Title: How can parents help on College Preparation

     o Parents can help up to 70 %
     o Start as early as 8th grade (9th grade starts ranking)
     o The Magnificent 7 check points of college application

3:25-3:50PM, ACC fellowship Hall:

Seminar on Finance:  Family Financial adviser: Dr. Wendy Peng, Transamerica Financial Advisors. INC

Parents always want to help their kids get into one of the best colleges if they have a chance. However, a lot of them do not know how to financially prepare for college. Wendy, as a financial adviser who has more than ten years of experience in family financial planning, will provide professional opinions and help those parents start saving and accumulating money for their kids' college as early as possible. Seminar will cover the following topics:

     o Appropriate college funding strategies
     o Smart money order and five keys to accumulate college funds
     o 529 plan's advantages and limitations
     o How to lower EFC (Expected family contribution) and qualify for financial aid


2019 Fall Picnic

School PTA will organize a Fall picnic on Sunday, October 6 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM at S. J. Stovall Park . No class on that day due to ACC anniversary day.

The picnic will be in the Pavilion of S. J. Stovall Park in South Arlington (2800 W Sublett Rd, Arlington, TX )

The fee: $2 for students; $5 for other immediate family members (Fee for friends or pay on the spot will be $10).

The fee must be paid in advance, sign up with your room parents on Sunday (9-8), Sunday (9-15) and Sunday (9-22)

If you can help out or have any question, please contact your class room parent or Ran Liu PTA vice president at 817-263-0628/817-366-6209.

Bring the kids and join the FUN!

MCS T-VEX team wins at VEX 2015 World Championship

At the 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship, held during April 15-18 at Louisville, Kentucky, teams from T-VEX 9090 Robotics Club (formed under The Mandarin Chinese School, Arlington, TX) had big wins and took two World titles and two divisional titles!

Here are awards won at the 2014 VEX World Championship:

9090C - World Champion (Alliance)
9090A - World Programming Skills Challenge Champion
9090C - Science Division Champion
9090A - Math Division Finalist

Here are some official links to the event: VEX Robotics Competition and 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship High School Division.

MCS T-VEX team wins at VEX 2014 World Championship

Our very own VEX robotics teams made extraordinary achievements at 2014 VEX Robotics World Championship held at Anaheim, CA. For the very first time in our club history, we won three prestigious awards at World Championship!

Here are awards won at the 2014 VEX World Championship:

9090A - VEX High School Programming Skills Challenge Champion
9090S - VEX IQ Middle School Teamwork Finalist Award
9090Z - VEX IQ Judge's Award

Following students represented the MCS:

VEX Team :
Sichao Liu, Danny Siu, Philip Zeng, Henry Liu, Samuel Chen, Brian Shao, Tiger Yang, Lucy Lin, Amy Zhang, Angela Chen, Abram Qiu, William Han, Terrence Liu
VEX IQ Team :
Steven Qiu, Orion Reynolds, Silas Wu, Timothy Zhu, Jessica Yang, Amanda Piyapanee, William Yang, Zander Wang

Young MCS T-VEX team wins at VEX IQ

T-VEX 9090S and 9090Z teams participated their first VEX IQ challenge competition (only elementary and middle school students are eligible) at Greenville TX on 2014-01-25. We are very excited to report to you all that the two teams won the Champion together and 9090Z team also received programming skills Champion award, STEM Research Award, Robot Skills Champion.

Following students represented the MCS VEX teams:

Steven Qiu, Orion Reynolds, Silas Wu, Timothy Zhu
9090Z - JAWZ :
Jessica Yang, Amanda Piyapanee, William Yang, Zander Wang

While thinking T-VEX 9090A and 9090C teams as their role models and inspiration, these two much younger teams are working hard to carry on our MCS’s proud tradition. Please join us congratulate the teams for their first achievement and encourage students to keep trying their best.

2013 MCS VEX Team Achievements

MCS VEX teams won the Champion at Lake Highlands VEX Toss Up Tournament on November 16, 2013

This qualified both our VEX teams to the Texas Regional Championship competition for this season.

Here are awards won at the this event:

  • 9090C/9090A/9886 Alliance - Tournament Champion
  • 9090C - Excellence Award (the top award of the Tournament)
  • 9090A - First Place in Driving Skills Challenge
  • 9090C - First Place in Programming Skills Challenge

The following students represented the MCS VEX teams:

Danny Siu,Henry Liu,Samuel Chen,Brian Shao,Sichao Liu (not present), Philip Zeng (not present)
Tiger Yang, Lucy Lin, Angela Chen, William Han, Abram Qiu, Amy Zhang, Terrence Liu

9090C stays on the top worldwide in VEX World Skills Rankings: Programming Skills

9090C stays in top 30 worldwide in driving skills ranking, while and 9090A still ranks high on the list of VEX World Skills Rankings: Robot Skills.

Please join us to congratulate the teams for their outstanding achievements so far and encourage students to keep on trying their best !

2013 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the 2013 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists have been announced. In Tarrant and Denton county area, the list shows that five current and former MCS students are among the chosen high school seniors:

  • Lucy Lin
  • Sichao Liu
  • Ashlynne Macnee
  • Annabel Wang
  • Eric Wang
  • Fred Zhu

Congratulations go to those students, their parents and their teachers. The same should also go to their teachers at MCS.









MCS 10 Year Anniversary (十年校庆专题)

Open our hearts and lend a hand to Hurricane Katrina evacuees








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