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Katrina relief update (9/11/05)

     In response to the call for donations, a lot of parents and students brought in boxes and bags of items to the school today. Since the Arlington Elzie Odom shelter is to close out this Thursday, we were instructed by the staff there to take the donations to Mission Arlington instead. Mission Arlington will then distribute the items to various shelters for us.

     Many thanks to all of you who made the donation, no matter the values of the donation, you have taught your kids an important lesson in life - human society is an inter-dependent structure and we must support each other when disasters cause loss of properties and lives among us. This time it is "them", but next time it may be us.

     Next Sunday 9/18 will be the last day that MCS collects donations for Katrina victims. Please do whatever you can to help.

     Have a good week.

     H Yu

     Principal of MCS



Open our hearts and lend a hand to Hurricane Katrina evacuees (9/3/05)

     The needs by the Katrina evacuees and the stranded are humongous and call for greater attention:

     The news says that Arlington's Elzie Odom Recreation Center has been converted to shelter 125 refugees. 4000 evacuees are expected to be in Tarrant County and 25000 or more are coming to north Texas.

     In the wake of this terrible disaster, we are certain that MCS and its affiliated families want to show our passion - We care for those who are less fortunate. 

     On our next two school days (9/11 and 9/18), MCS PTA staff will set up a collection area near the registration table. We ask that you and your children please bring any of the following to the collection area:

     According to the information from the staff at Elzie Odom shelter in Arlington. Here are the most needed items at this time:

             Plus size men's and women's clothes. (i.e. XL, XXL or XXXL)


             Reading glasses.

              7-10 years girls' clothes and shoes.

             Pre-teen girls' play stuff, such as gel pens.

             K-12 kids' Polo shirts.

No food items are needed at this time.

How to donate:

 1. Cash donation (most desired by the victims): We will send the total amount to Americna Red Cross after 9/18. You may ask your children to bring pocket change to school. You may write a check to American Red Cross. You may also donate gift certificates by area stores. Any amount of cash are appreciated.

2. Item donation: We will send the collected items to Elzie Odom shelter at the end of each school day on both 9/11 and 9/18.

     Thanks in advance for your big hearts.


     H Yu

     Principal of MCS





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