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Letter from the Principal

Dear parents,

     Welcome to the web site of the Mandarin Chinese School.

     Thanks to the advancement of the modern science and technology, the global village has become smaller and smaller -- that is why you and I met each other through the net.

     On the other hand, the smaller the world becomes, the more grows the need for effective communication and, built upon which, mutual understanding and trust among peoples of different races and cultures; so harmony and prosperity can be pursued and preserved.

     As a first generation immigrant from China to the United States, I have had the opportunities to appreciate the virtues of both Chinese and American cultures, which are complementary to one another under many circumstances. I felt an enormous urge to share with my children the knowledge, the value and the thoughts which they probably would not have had chances to learn at the regular schools, much less taking advantage of those ingredients later in their lives. Not surprisingly, I met many individuals who had the same thoughts or similar, of which the brainchild is the Mandarin Chinese School.                                           

     With the collaborative effort made by those people, Chinese and non-Chinese American, the school had a very good start. It has been growing so rapidly that the school had to relocate to more spacious facilities twice in the first eighteen months.

     Following what Confucius once said, "(To educators), it matters how to teach, not whom to teach", the MCS opens its door to the children of any races. Please be advised, however, that parentsí involvement of high degree is strongly urged and has become an essential part of the schoolís operation. We firmly believe that only with parentsí active involvement can children succeed in their learning process.

     I sincerely hope that both you and your child/children find the learning experiences in the MCS are much rewarding, and the child/children can gain something that will be beneficial for their lifetime.

     Good luck!

Herman Yu

      Principal of MCS


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